Kubota Glass For Your Machines

Kubota is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of plant machinery available on the market. Kubota’s mission is to provide plant and construction products that are safe and easy to use.

Plant Glazing Limited provides a supply and fit machine glazing service for Kubota tractors, ground care and mini excavators across Scotland. We supply and install the full range of Kubota cab glass onsite and often on the same day.

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What we do

Whether it’s a crack in your tractor cab glass or door glass repair for your excavator, we understand the importance of keeping your Kubota product at the top of its game. A well-loved machine can suffer natural wear and tear, and it’s important to address these issues promptly to ensure the longevity of your product.

Without compromising the functionality or integrity of your machine, we provide a quick and efficient glazing service.

It is our mission to minimise the downtime experienced by our customers. Our onsite rapid response team will repair and replace your Kubota glazing in the shortest possible time. We recognise that every hour your equipment remains idle, you are losing money. We will always do our utmost to minimise your losses, frequently providing a same day, onsite service. 

How we do it

Our mobile onsite cab glazing technicians will attend your Kubota at a time specified by you to ensure minimal downtime on your Kubota plant. Our team is highly skilled and professionally trained and will always provide you with impeccable customer service. We see ourselves as a friendly and approachable team who always centres the customer in what we do.

Safety is key

At Plant Glazing Ltd., we don’t just repair, but we reinforce. We supply and fit laminated safety glass and toughened glasses when glazing your Kubota cab, hopefully preventing future issues.

What products do we service?

We have a vast range of Kubota cab glasses in stock. This includes many obsolete parts which can be supplied and fitted as required to your Kubota cab glazing. As an experienced glazing company, we are able to service most models.

The Kubota M Series

The Kubota M Series is a range defined by both its cost-effectiveness and high quality and versatile performance. With a reputation for reliability, you can’t get much more durable than a Kubota machine. 

However, no matter how hard-wearing a machine might be, it’s always possible for accidents to happen. It might be adverse weather, a nick in the cab glass or simply natural wear and tear.

At Plant Glazing Ltd., our adaptable technicians can provide glazing services to any Kubota M Series model, including:

  • M6800 2wd 
  • M5700 2wd 
  • M9000 2wd
  • M4900 2wd
  • M8200 2wd
  • And many more. 

In an emergency, we’re there for you and will always come to you to provide quick and efficient onsite repairs. This saves you the trouble of driving your equipment to be fixed and minimises the downtime required.

Kubota Construction Equipment

We are also experts in construction glazing, including Kubota mini excavators, dumpers, diggers and wheel loaders.

Built to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience, Kubota construction equipment has earned the reputation of one of the highest quality solutions on the market. We aim to keep your machine running impeccably, causing you the least stress and inconvenience possible.

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