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Agricultural and Plant Glazing

Volvo Glazing Services

Plant Glazing Limited supply and repair machine glazing for Volvo throughout Scotland providing high quality work to the most stringent of standards. Volvo Construction Equipment has a global reputation for providing market leading quality equipment including wheeled loaders, excavators, articulated haulers, backhoe loaders and more;in fact there are over 150 different Volvo construction equipment models. The Volvo brand has always been synonymous with quality and safety.

Approved Volvo Safely Glass

As with all construction equipment, it is imperative that approved safety glass is used throughout the cab glazing. Not only is it important to protect the operator from the environment while providing him with total visibility so that he can operate safely, the glass is also a vital part of the overall cab construction and it adds to its overall strength, stiffness and integrity.

When glass has been broken and needs replaced, it is important to keep downtime to a minimum. Our highly trained team has many years experience in Volvo plant glazing and can respond rapidly to your request, supplying on-site plant glazing services that will get your equipment back in service and operating safely whilst complying with stringent safety standard requirements. We understand that your lost production time costs you money and we always strive to minimise your losses and get your Volvo equipment back to work asap.

Agricultural and plant glazing

Volvo Glazing Parts

We hold the following Volvo glass in stock: windscreens, rear screens, side and doors glass, front screen and back windows.

Some examples of the glazing parts we stock are:

  • Volvo - A30B (B SERIES) - A40B (B SERIES) -
  • Volvo - A / 4200 - A / 4300 - A / 4400 - BM SERIES
  • Volvo - EC/EW 140 - EC/EW 150 - EC/EW 160
  • Volvo - EC27C - EC35C - ECR48C
  • Volvo - ECR58 - ECR58 PLUS - ECR88 - ECR88 PLUS
  • Volvo - EC50 - EC70
  • Volvo - L50B - L50C - L70B - L70C - L90B - L90C - L120B
  • Volvo - EC140 (EC SERIES 1999 To 2003) - EC210 (EC SERIES 1999 To 2003)
  • Volvo - A25 (A SERIES) - A30 (A SERIES) - A35 (A SERIES) - A40 (A SERIES)
  • Volvo - EC55 - EC55B PRO

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